Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Remote posting from my blackberry

So this is day three of bed rest for me. Sunday morning I woke up with a lot of back pain... I went upstairs to the kitchen to get some ibuprophen and as I was reaching into the cabinet my entire lower back starts spasming. I would compare it to getting a mild taser hit... I went down to my knees and the spasm kept going so I continued down and next thing I knew was lying on my back trying to find a position my muscles preferred. Once I found it, I stayed there for about five minutes before making my way slowly back to bed.

I don't recall hurting or overextending my back at any point so it is rather a mystery. It has been suggested I may have a virus of some sort and that seems a realistic possibility (though I have no other symptoms). Either way I am starting to feel better. Instead of having periodic spasms of severe pain, now it is more or less constant but moderate to light pain... No doubt soreness from the previous two days' spasms. Tomorrow I expect to be back at work.

**Regarding what I mentioned a few days ago, I haven't heard anything. If I still have no news by this evening I will make an inquiry with the appropriate individual and obviously when I have some news I will post it in a much less ambiguous fashion.

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grk said...

Criminy!!! Had no idea! I'll be right over! Wait, I don't know where you live- and I don't know what I could do for you if I was there. Prayer's about all I can offer. That and I guess I could bring you a plate of cheese or some fresh fruit.

So, hey, call me if you need me. Sorry to hear about the madness. Were you by chance attempting the over the head keg toss from the World's Strongest Man contest?

never mind.

The Angry Coder said...

The pensive percussionist has, in fact, successfully completed the over the head keg toss many a time. When Heiniken came out with their mini-kegs they opened the door for all types of people to now feel the rush that comes with the tossing of the keg. This is espeically true when the mini-keg is empty and the keg tosser is thusly premedicated.

Percussivity said...

Don't underestimate the weight of those mini-kegs. I placed 3rd in the "All IT Mini-Keg toss Invitational" in the Network Admin division. Unfortunately my medal was stripped from me after the obligatory blood test. Apparently caffeine is considered a performance enhancer in these games and I was disqualified.