Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Tactless Ode to Thanksgiving Day

Here stands the turkey with his plumage so fair
At least do not salivate if you must stare
Imagining him with a hot roll and jelly
As fat bastard said...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Statistical proof that I am running out of steam

I started this blog just under a year ago as a way to basically kill time. My job at MPIA was rapidly diminishing as the Saint Luke's IT dept slowly took over my turf in anticipation of its complete take over later that Spring. As you can see from my ridiculous 21 posts in 24 days last December, it was working. Time was being killed. The dip in February directly corelates to me starting the new job and suddenly finding stuff to do, but on average you can see that while I did start with a full head of steam, I have been slowly dwindling in my devotion to blogging. When you think about the fact that this entry is nothing more than a post about how I don't post anymore I think you'll agree that I have nothing to say. To accentuate the seriousness of the problem I actually took time to create this nice bar graph with a line of averages to visually demonstrate the attenuation of pointless but presumably witty banter.

I think the graph says it all. I do not blame writers block. I do not blame laziness. I do not blame the financial crisis. I don't actually think that this phenomenon has a specific man made cause, much like global warming. That last statement was purely at attempt to validate this post by making a politcal/scientific observation but in true blogger form offering no weight of evidence to substantiate the claim. I just put it out there.

Stay tuned... I will probably post something else... later... at some point. In the meantime enjoy today's Douglas Adams quote over to the right which unlike my blog ALWAYS generates a chuckle from those enlightened enough to understand his humor. I mean humour (He was British after all).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

Romans chapter 8 verse 22.

Last night I had to have a talk with my tenderhearted, animal loving daughter about that verse and her current perspective. Our cats have been clearing the house of mice fairly effectively and last night they caught another one. This time though Rene intercepted the cat and took the still breathing mouse and almost lost it. The poor little guy was missing a tail and had several puncture wounds and was just laying there breathing in her hand when she came weeping to me. I took the mouse and disposed of it and made her wash her hands but had trouble getting her to calm down. I guess her real issue wasn't that the mouse would die, but that it was suffering... I decided not to mention to her that had she not taken it from the cat, it would likely be dead by now and that she probably extended its pain by 'rescuing' it. I waited until this morning to have the Lion King talk with her about how animals eat other animals and that is just the way it is, however I left out the circle of life BS and explained how the world is under the curse of Sin (using Rom 8:22 as my primary verse) and until Christ comes back this problem will persist and she needs to find a way to cope with it. She took it well and hopefully the next time we find a mouse it will not be 'mostly' dead but fully expired.

Oh and I found the tail... it was right next to the coffee machine on the counter. I should have named the tabby Vito Corleone! Actually since I am the one who put the hit out on the mice, I am the godfather.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Windows 7 looks nice...

BUT then so does all the food you see in magazine ads. Of course those all turn out to be either plastic or glazed with something entirely unedible. I want to be optimistic about Windows 7 but it is difficult when I haven't even made the switch to Vista yet. XP was functionally a great upgrade from Windows 2000 and XP functionally still meets all my computing needs and all Vista would do for me is force me to buy a faster computer. I will admit that the UI demo below indeed looks nice but it's like judging a filet mignon from a photograph. I want to be able to dig into this OS and see how intuitive it is from a techie's perspective... well that won't likely happen for some time. In the meanwhile enjoy this flashy new taskbar.