Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to eat steamed clams

Step 1 - Fly to Boston on business.

Step 2 - Find a good seafood restaurant

Step 3 - Order steamers with fries

Step 4 - Select a clam (if the shells are closed then the clam
was dead when steamed so DON'T eat that one!)

Step 5 - Gently remove the clam from the shell

Step 6 - Remove the skin from the clam's 'foot'
(After being steamed the skin comes right off like a sock)

Step 7 - Rinse the clam in the blue bowl of warm water
(This removes any sand... though you usually still get a little bit
of sand every few bites. Its just part of the experience.)

Step 8 - Dip the rinsed clam into the yellow bowl of warm butter.

Step 9 - ENJOY!!!