Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Help me decide where to go!!

So here it is the end of October.  By Monday of next week the population of my office will have dwindled to under ten and by mid November it might just be me and a couple other people in this fine office building.

***For those who do not know, my company
Layne Christensen is relocating to Houston and
while I was invited, I opted to stay here in Kansas
City.  My last day is December 31st, at which point
 I will be very much alone here and I couldn't bear
working my last few days as an employee of Layne
in my little basement cubical with no windows.

I used to be able to watch the squirrels...
and they were merry...

So anyway... I decided I am going to make like a carpetbagger and move into one of the 'nice' offices.  Below I am going to post a few photos of my options and then a link to a poll where I would like your opinion.  Which ever office wins in the poll will be my new home!!!!

My lowly cubical...

CIO's office (my boss's boss)

Senior VP over IT's office (boss's boss's boss)

Senior VP and General Counsel's office

Secretary to the CEO's office

CEO's office

So what do you think???  I will be getting a lot more vitamin D in any of these choices that's for sure.  Click below and vote for your choice ---


Friday, May 24, 2013

My time with Layne is soon ending...

I've learned a great deal and enjoyed working with this fine company but all good things must come to an end.  Layne is moving their headquarters to Houston, TX and while I was graciously invited and even offered an attractive compensation for moving... alas my family and my wife's family are here in Kansas City and I couldn't bring myself to go.  I trust I will find another Kansas City based company to call home.  I don't really have a firm end date though so I am in a bit of a nebulous situation what with the desire to start job hunting and at the same time the potential that I might be here until the end of the year.  My retention agreement says December 31st OR whenever my manager releases me... that could be August or October or Dec 31.  I will say that the entire company for the most part should be in Houston by early September (many will be there by the end of June actually including my manager) so the odds of them needing a remote Sys Admin, especially after they've replaced me with a Houstonian doppelganger seem at best, small.

I've been polishing up the old resume though so I will be ready to hit the streets as soon as I get an official last day notification (assuming it is other than December 31).  If I get a whiff of said notification, I think I will jump the gun and get some start or other without waiting for a letter.

Oh yeah, a week from tomorrow the wife, the kids and I are all flying to El Salvador for a week long missions trip through our church!  It will be a fantastic experience for the kids (DeAnna and I have been to Colombia as well as Costa Rica on similar trips although we also are obviously quite excited) as they have never even been on a plane before much less out of the country.  I'll be sure to post plenty of pics and document the trip here.

On that note... the CIO just told us we could all head out early for Memorial Day weekend so I'm taking the offer.  Adios!