Monday, January 14, 2008

4 1/2 months is a long time to wait for good news...

This by the way is the afore mentioned ambiguity which is now for public consumption...

On August 31st this last year, I got an email from a former employer and friend who was planning on creating a new networking position at my old place of employment. This excited me for many reasons:

1. I LOVED my time working there (I only left because I had an opportunity to move up from tech support to be a network admin at my current job and it was a good career move... but I really missed the old work environment).

2. This is really an addendum to point #1... but my old boss was/is an AWESOME boss!! Just in every way I admire and respect the guy as a boss and as a good Christian friend. Also I loved working as part of an I.T. team... right now I am a department unto myself.

3. Mo money Mo money Mo money!

4. My current job is looking more and more like a planet in the path of an extinction level event asteroid... and that asteroid is called the Saint Evil Corporate Bastards Health System (refer to a previous post for clarification).

Well that said... I am VERY happy and pleased and satisfied and blessed and happy (happy people often find themselves repeating themselves) to announce that I am now the Network Administrator for the Layne Christensen Corporate office and I will be starting in February. God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve in so many ways... He is just truly amazing!!!

In the seven years I have been gone, Layne has grown tremendously and their IT needs have grown as well. This is a good thing for me because I will have the opportunity to help plan and in some cases likely implement a brand new Microsoft Exchange infrastructure (company wide) and also help in redesigning the entire company's WAN environment. Good stuff! I'll also act as sort of a mid level manager for the tech support team (I think they have about 4 analysts).

Anyway that is my big news and now that it's official I obviously had to BLOG it... this is probably the sort of thing BLOGs dream about... I imagine at any rate if I were a BLOG I'd be rather less impressed with random youtubes and panoramic rooftop images of the city.


The Irascible Neufonzola said...

OK, so my first two initial responses were "Hot damn!" and "Praise God!". Same emotion and sentiments behind both statements, but the latter I guess is more appropriate. They kind of clash when used together, but the contrast reminds me of George S. Patton, whose general crass manner and salty language could spill over into his surprisingly devout faith in God.


Anyway, awesome!!!

grk said...

Yep, God is good. Congratulations. Let the new challenges begin and continue with appreciation. Yahoo.

Bummer, no sequel.

Percussivity said...

Thanks! Resigning from a place after 7 years is a new experience for me. The office is mad at me but yet happy for me... it is a strange paradox.

The Angry Coder said...

When are you hosting the celebratory barbecue, complete with beer?

Percussivity said...

heh heh... That would be after my fist paycheck I believe.

Ben said...

Mike - Congrats on the new position! Looking forward to stop motion videos at your new job. :)