Thursday, January 3, 2008

hhhhhh... I've been in I.T. for how many years??

So I brought my new digital camera to work today thinking I would be able to post something on the blog... I get up to the roof of the parking garage and take a really nice panorama of Kansas City from the Plaza (my camera has a three frame stitch feature that does really nice panoramas) only to realize that I neglected to bring the USB cable that would allow me to offload the image to my computer. It isn't that I forgot to bring the cable mind you... it never occured to me that I would NEED the cable. Hhhhhhhh... IDIOT!! Gosh!!

On a side note... roof top parking is highly underrated especially during the colder months of the year. You see people think it's just inconvenient: further to drive up, longer elevator ride down, etc. What they fail to calculate in is the fact that the lower levels maintain their temps for a very long time even when the outdoor temperatures change. Today for example due to the single digits we had the other day, the basement of the garage is colder than my ice box at home and will remain quite cold well into the several day warming trend the weather guessers are forecasting. People will park as low as possible because they think they are saving themselves time (shaving merely seconds off of their total travel time). I on the other hand parked on the roof... in the center of the roof. As of 8:15 a.m. I was one of two vehicles on our roof. This will provide me with about 4 hours of cloudless solar radiation which will warm the cab of my vehicle to approximately 50 degrees at a guess. When I leave for lunch I will not have to shiver while I wait for the car to warm up. I will enter my green house sanctuary and drive in complete comfort to the fast food restaurant of my choosing while those other fools raise their freezing fists and curse the cold.

If I remember, I'll post the panorama tonight at home... as if you've never seen a panorama before.

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