Friday, August 15, 2008

Expectations drop to... well something deep into negative space.

This will be the first and likely only Starwars movie I will get to take my son to see in a theater which is fine I guess since he is at that age where even ewoks would be cool if they were in a Starwars film. For myself I have, after reading this review especially, decided to not only lower my expectations but remove them altogether and just consider this as something I am taking my son to for his sake... like Dragon Tales Live which we took my daughter to a few times when she was younger.

If you wish to read it for yourself...

My only consolation is that in a week I will have a 52" Hi-Def LCD with which we can watch Empire Strikes Back on to our hearts content. Of course I'll have to wait for Lucas to release about 4 various modified special edition BluRay versions before he will agree to release the original theatrical release in BluRay which is the only BluRay I will buy of Starwars... in the meantime my DVDs will suffice.


Ben said...

Dude...don't listen to them. It's a CARTOON made with kids in mind. It's awesome! I've seen it twice already. You read my post on it already...I stand by daughters LOVED it (8 & 4) and when they got home, they were playing Star Wars in the front yard fighting about who would be the AShoka character.

There are too many cranky ex-Star Wars fans out there expecting their childhood first impression to be relived every time the yellow and black lettering appear on the'll never happen again.

Go watch it...have fun with it!

Percussivity said...

Good advice... however since I am still at work (9:45pm) doing a Windows Domain migration and with the possibility that I will be here for several more hours, I may very well sleep through it tomorrow.

Percussivity said...

OK well it wasn't bad... but it wasn't great either. Now the action and animation were very good and I enjoyed watching it, however from a plot and direction point of view I think I actually liked the Clone War cartoons better.

Either way it was a fun family outing and my son enjoyed it thoroughly.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

"Either way it was a fun family outing and my son enjoyed it thoroughly."

In that case I'm sure it was worth it, but yeah that linked review was merciless. And probably somewhat on the money, I'd imagine.

I can see adults going by themselves to the movie being much, much more hostile to it. I mean, grown men don't usually go to see Disney on Ice by themselves either. Well, most don't.

Ben said...

Glad you sorta liked it! :)

I guess since I'm an avid Star Wars comic reader and really dug the Clone Wars volumes, this movie fit right in line storywise. I thought it was great fun and actually thought it was well thought out and put together. (Wasn't impressed with the Cartman like voicing of Ziro the Hutt)but it fit the cartoon mold.

Just think back to Droids and Ewoks and you'll see this type of storytelling kid adventure stuff has been there since 1985. Now there was some "classic" Star Wars cartooning... (painful to watch now...but loved it when I was a kid).


Percussivity said...

Well I think the fact that I have a few years on you will explain why I hated the droids cartoons... I tolerated the Ewok Adventure made for TV movie... but just barely.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

RE the Cartman-like voicing, if they had gotten Trey Parker to do many of the voices...or possibly even write it...I seriously might go see it.

"You Jedi sonuva___ I'll kick you squaaaaah in the nuuuuuuts!"