Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heading for the hills tomorrow

Actually tonight after work. Several friends and I will be driving to Erbie, Arkansas tonight for a 3 day backpacking trip along the Buffalo River. I've been down that way a couple times before (once about 10 years ago and then again almost 14 years ago if memory serves). It is a really beautiful area down there with lots of tall bluffs along the river and the water itself is typically very clear blue and in some places a bright turquoise. The highlight is a valley called Hemmed in Hollow that leads to a 200' waterfall. The falls themselves are only from a small feeder stream into the buffalo river, but 200' is impressive even if the water volume is small. It is sort of like a heavy rain fall when you stand at the bottom.

I am bringing the digital camera we got for Christmas from the in-laws so I will be sure to take lots of pictures (as many as built-in lithium battery allows... I just bought a 2 GB memory card so storage space should not be an issue).

This picture I recognize as being the bluff at the Steel Creek trail head. The last two trips began at this point. This weekend though we are starting at the Erbie trail head a ways down stream so we won't actually even get close to Steel Creek however this picture is a good representation of what much of the landscape looks like. These bluffs are probably around 200 feet tall or more but there is one called Big Bluff about 2 miles down stream from this point and it is a 500' cliff right up against the river!! As you can see this is a popular canoeing river during the warmer months.

Man it is only 10:30!! This is gonna be a long day... at least I have plenty to do to keep me busy after I finish this post which will hopefully speed the day right along. Well I will wrap it up here. Plan on seeing some photos next week.



The Unabashed Blogger said...

I've never seen someone so excited to hurry up and get rained on...

Percussivity said...

Bah... rain shmain. It was an awesome trip!