Monday, March 31, 2008

Aside from some rain and a couple wrong turns it was a great trip!

Here is the photo evidence:

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Most of the rain during the trip fortunately occured late at night and I have to say I am impressed with the Eureka Tetragon tents... We stayed pretty dang dry and at times it was raining cats and dogs! Sunday morning for the last hour or so of the hike we did get a little bit drenched... what we get for skipping church :-P

It was a very scenic trip as I expected it would be but the trail system is not nearly as organized or well marked as most of the Missouri trails I've been on like the Ozark Trail; with views like the ones we got to enjoy though it is hard to complain.

We did 18.4 miles over the three days (but 3 of the guys volunteered to go an extra 2.4 in the rain to get to the second car... long story I may repeat later). Sunday was the most difficult vertical climb. We went up about 1200 feet over only a mile and a half or so... in the cold rain. While the rain made it mentally tougher it really wasn't any more dangerous, just a bit more stressful.

Also here is a cool little video of the Hemmed-in-Hollow falls. The falls measure 209 feet!! I apologize for the shirtless figures at the end of the video... just some crazies who decided to see how cold the falls were (they were very [cold]).

(High quality - large file size: 25 MB)

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(Low quality but fast loading Youtube version)

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