Monday, February 18, 2008

Wow it has been an interesting week!

I am winding down here after a busy day of cramming my head with as much information as possible. To catch you up... this job ROCKS!!! I have virtually no spare time and I imagine that will be the case more often than not, but I love being busy with technology and the day just zips by. I am being given the responsibility of Enterprise Admin over the entire Network infrastructure which is currently expanding rather quickly. My immediate project is to collaborate with the network operations manager and two of the tech support guys to establish a detailed plan to migrate our current somewhat sloppy Windows 2000 Active Directory structure into a clear organized and most importantly scaleable Windows 2003 Domain. Enterprise admin for a large network like this is both intimidating and immensely cool. Most of what I am implementing and planning are concepts I know well in theory but have never gotten to experience hands on so I am refamiliarizing myself with the theory so that the reality will fall into place as smoothly as possible.

Sorry if I just bored or confused anyone. On a personal side... I am doing the Atkins diet which is going well. In another week I get to have coffee again, which to be honest is almost going to compensate for the grievous lack of carbohydrates. I actually miss coffee more than I anticipated but the 'diet' stipulates no caffeine during the first few weeks which are called the induction phase. Anyway it is almost over and the diet will become much less irksome.

That is all I have time to say because the 5:00 bell just rang and I am going home!


grk said...

I can help you, my brother. really good coffee may help you almost forget about the carbs lost. well, maybe not. At least you'll have good coffee.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

All network reengineering and no coffee makes Jack harbor Bolshevist thoughts of the Coming Revolution towards his superiors.

Percussivity said...

Indeed... the lack of caffeine is unfortunate. I imagine I would be further along in the learning process had I been able to walk this road with my little chemical companion.

Nevertheless I am starting to get the network down in my mind. They have over 20 virtual servers set up in the VMware environment and at least a dozen physical servers which I have yet to take inventory of.