Friday, February 8, 2008

I am now the ultimate short timer

...for a short time that is. My last day at MPIA is well underway. Basically all I have to do is reimage my computer (uninstall all of my games and other illegal software and remove any evidence of corporate espionage, then reload the standard Windows image we use here). I've already removed most of my personal affects, so I should be leaving with only a small box of other odds and ends. Then I suppose I will clean my desk off and be done. After that I will probably wonder around saying bye to people and whatever else you are supposed to do on your last day. Seven years is to me a long time to work in one place but that is merely because until now I've never worked in one place for seven years.

When I came here in January of 2001 the company had only one server. It was running Novell 3.12 (a dinosaur even back then) and sitting on the counter in the mailroom hallway. Today as I leave, MPIA has a Windows domain with multiple domain controllers, an Exchange 2003 server, Terminal services box, Cisco VPN remote access, a closed circuit TV camera system with 7 cameras (which I installed by myself), better entry security, locked offices with a master admin key for those areas that have sensitive data or equipment, ummm... what else?... Oh they have a decent website. All in all I feel like I am leaving the place much better off than when I came. Of course the hospital is going to take over and probably get rid of all my improvements as the center is integrated into the Saint Luke's corporate infarstructure. Nonetheless is was a great learning experience and I certainly owe my current level of knowledge and experience to MPIA and it is only because of said knowledge and experience that I was sought out and hired by Layne Christensen.

So this is my last post from the Medical Plaza building 3. I may not blog for a while; it just depends on how busy I am learning the new position and I am anticipating it being extremely busy... so until next time.


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The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Congrats, that has to feel good tonight!