Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who am I kidding?

I am not cut out to be a blogger... there is absolutely no way I will have anything to say on a regular basis that would hold anyone's interest... for... ... that's cool... Oh what? Sorry I was watching a youtube video... See I can't even hold my own interest!

Well I suppose I could do what many bloggers do and post whatever happens to me on a given day and try to make it sound more interesting than it really was. Or I could simply use this space as a journal to post my thoughts, ideas and mental meanderings... whiiiich are all basically thoughts... so yeah I could use this as a place to post my thoughts. It would be sort of an Internet log so to speak... a web log I guess. If my 'W' or 'E' key ever got stuck simultaneously I would have to call it my 'blog'... OOOOOOOHHHH I get it now... ah ha very clever whoever is in charge of the internet version 2 jargon committee.

Why bother calling it the Net 2.0? That to me is just silly. The Internet has been a continuously evolving entity and it isn't like one morning we all woke up to social engineering sites and blogs and youtube. I mean before jpgs and gifs were widely in use and people still used gophers and BBSs and before we started calling the Internet the World Wide Web... it wasn't called Net Pre-release candidate. So how did we get to version 2.0? I never even got the patch for ver 1.1.

Well clearly today I don't have any work to do. I am what you call a "short timer hopeful." I don't know quite yet whether I am a short timer as the interview I went to yesterday will not culminate in a phone call for another 2-3 weeks... but in the mean time I am acting as though I were a short timer with the full intention of making up for my lack of effort in the event of and at the time of a formal rejection from my possible future employer. So at the conclusion of this post I will probably enjoy a few more youtube videos or peruse a social engineering site or maybe even read a fellow blogger's blog before heading home in the from what I hear 'terrible' driving conditions. Well I am out of prose... so consider this concluded.


grk said...

mike on a page. I like it. There in lies the mystery of the **blog. i would like to deliver punches of love or wit, but I end up mostly with mental meanderings or much much less tagged with a photo of a ever chubby baby. Keep it coming, whatever it is...

Percussivity said...

Maybe if I get a decent digital camera one day I will start post some things.