Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well... I should have the animation done by tomorrow sometime...

Then I may get really ambitious and add sound. I have to say I am rather impressed with myself so far on this project.

Stay tuned to see the awesome power of Jedi Master Soddyr Wyre... 30 seconds of stop motion coolness... 620 frames of pixelized precision... I hope I am not talking this up too much.

You can decide. I'll have it up on youtube in a day or two.

Jedi Master


The Irascible Neufonzola said...

20 fps???

Wow, that is intense. Did you really capture 20 frames per second for claymation? Most of our cameras capture about 15 fps running in medium res, and about 7.5 fps on the highest resolution, and that still isn't too perceptibly bad. 20 fps would be like Nick Park, Wallace and Gromit smooth.

Sounds like they're leaving your IT department relatively alone this December! :D

Percussivity said...

Well remember we are dealing with software here rather than a "stop motion camera" per se. I originally set the frame rate at 24 fps but it looked a little too fast so I slowed it slightly to 20.

... and yes the last 2-3 weeks have been really slow. Annoyingly slow in fact. So slow that I was driven to start a blog!!!! You know I had to be bored to do that. :-P