Saturday, December 8, 2007

What to do on a miserable day...

1. Clean out the garage enough so that you can actually squeeze a car inside it. It feels good to have achieved goal number one and to be honest it makes me feel more like a real home owner when I have a car in there as strange as that may sound. The last time that happened was the night before the last major ice storm we had in Raytown (2 years ago I believe). Not that I am expecting a major ice storm... but I would rather not spend 20+ minutes tomorrow morning hacking away at my car with a cheap Walmart scraper.

2. Clean the rest of the house and rearrange furnature to accomodate the ever so contraversial 'Christmas tree'. Every year I catch the dispute raging on at least some unobtrusive level in the media or in print. Half of the objectors do so because of the possible pagan origins in the deep past... the other because they view it as an offensively Christian symbol. I just like them because my grandparents always had one and as a youngster in a single parent home, christmas was the one time a year I could depend on thoroughly enjoying despite any external circumstances. So the tree 'feels' like Christmas. Forgive me for being sappy which is contrary to my norm... and forgive the pun (although the tree is a fake).

Maybe tomorrow we'll get the kids together and decorate it.

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