Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two uninvited guests joined me on my bike ride...


Get it? I had a charlie horse... in my foot! Fortunately it was only for the last mile and a half of a 12 mile ride. I slept in this morning so I got the miles in this evening, which was very nice. Weather was perfect! Cool but not windy with full sun. I noticed something about my neighborhood though; wild onion is apparently a very common weed (technically a herb, it is considered a weed by many home owners) in Raytown. I smelled it strongly at at least 8 different places in my 6 mile loop. Most were yards of the unkept variety.

Another observation I could make is that I've discovered a third type of driver when it comes to bicycling. I was already aware of the annoyed/hostile driver who is offended that you would dare take up their lane without a combustion engine. The other type (my favorite) are the drivers who actually seem to understand that we bikers have a right to the road and will politely drive behind until they have a chance to pass, which they do giving ample room. Now there is a third type... the "Oh dear it is a bicycle... what do I do?" driver. These people will drive 10 feet behind you all the way down the block and sometimes will not continue on until I wave them by. These are 100% of the time older folks. Now perhaps they are just honestly not in a hurry and remember the days of horse drawn carriages... who knows, but it irritates the crap out of me when some car is tailing me. Makes me nervous too.

To all drivers... give bikers a break. Wait until you can pass and then do so without trying to run them off the road. Older drivers, please follow the previous advice and do not stalk innocent bikers.

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The Unabashed Blogger said...

Tuesday afternoon/evening ride to church: I "claimed" my lane (riding in the center) as I rode toward a stop sign as the only vehicle behind me was a truck that was pretty far away. Only, he thought that he should speed way up and pass about (what seemed like) 2' away from me. Scared the crap outta me. I yelled VERY loudly and tried to catch up but he gunned it and took of down a side street. I was ready for a "wtf do you think you are doing?!"

Later that ride: Was in far left lane, car bhind and to the left and a car incoming. Both were not too close or even close, but if I hesitated I would need to wait to turn left by pulling over. So I cut across and the Chrysler 300 behind my laid on the horn! Talk about a triple wtf!? I thought I had misjudged the distance and was going to cause a wreck. Well, about 100' into the side street the car finally passed. They were WAY to far away to worry about honking. Sheesh. I was going to flip them off but was too far away and they were driving too fast for it to happen. Man. I think biking is going to earn me some patience whether I want it or not.

Lord, give me strength...and forgive me of my "wtf"'s!

PS- I have a copy of the MO Driver's book with the pages about bicycles for all the riders we know. It's a good idea to keep them on your bike in case a cop tries to blame you... Size:2"x3", 4 paper thick