Monday, April 7, 2008

Troubleshooting at its worst...

Over the weekend, Saturday afternoon I believe it was, I started noticing the faint but slightly nauseating smell of dog poo in my basement while I was sitting at my computer desk.

We have a puppy that still has the occassional indoors accident but we keep the basement blocked with a baby barrier. The whiff was really faint but I knew I didn't imagine it so I got down on the floor looking under the desk... the whiff vanished. I saw nothing. I got up and about midway up the whiff was there again! I looked around... I stood up; the whiff once again vanished. Puzzled, I left the mystery. Later that evening as I was sitting on the upstairs couch once again I caught the whiff! Now this is the room in which the puppy spends the most time... I was sure He had made a mess somewhere... I searched but to no avail. There was no poo to be seen. Now I am just thinking that our house stinks. My wife needs to break out the carpet shampoo machine and get busy!

Now it is Sunday afternoon and I am working on my wife's computer in the home office and AGAIN I smell the poo! It is only at THIS point that I begin to think through the possibilities logically. The three times I smelled the poo I was sitting down... hmmm... a thought occurs to me... I look down... remove my shoes and examine them. POO ON MY SHOE!!!!!!!!! And it only took me about 24 hours to figure it out. Saturday morning I was out in the back yard cleaning out the gutters and I must have hit a land mine. My only consolation was that it was fairly old and dry so that I wasn't tracking poo all over the house. Argggg I hate dog poo!

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grk said...

sorry mike, that stinks.