Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Going to enter a writing contest!

This contest is for Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I thought it might be a fun way to pass the time as I look for an agent, and who knows... maybe I can get a bit of exposure this way.

Here's my entry (first 250 words):

     Sunlight hit the top of a tall green hat as the glimmer of dawn flashed out above a jagged mountain ridge. The wearer of the hat rode his horse leisurely across the little stone bridge on the way toward Brenton.
His name was Erkembald Alfred Amond, founder of the Amond Arcane University of Nordenvale - that was what he called his home. It was really just a small stone tower with a few rooms and a dungeon, and he had not had any pupils in over a decade. He was on his way to visit the Liluth family to discuss the possibility of their newborn daughter becoming his apprentice.
     Erkembald was a wizard or, as they were called in those days, a Magus.  He was sometimes referred to as THE Magus since until that morning he had been the last wizard born in the northern kingdom. There were other magi in more distant regions however, and a few had even visited the “University” to study under Erkembald.
None remained for long. The old magus had developed rather a reputation for his stubborn impatience. Though most authorities would agree that Archmagus Amond was possibly the most powerful wizard in Vesperfold, it was also commonly reported that he was difficult to get on with. He would vehemently disagree of course.

At present, Erkembald was seeking an apprentice to whom he could fully impart his wisdom, but for this to happen, he was convinced he must start with a fresh young mind.

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