Friday, July 1, 2011

Some can see it coming while others, not so much....

The Dollar: I'm not feeling well... could one or both of you guys give me a break?

The Left: Hey it's the Right that is making you work your butt off with the Military Industrial Complex. They have something like 900 miltary bases in over 100 countries... we give billions to countries all over the world and we are fighting in four wars simultaneously not to mention the ones we don't know about.

The Right: Oh Bollocks! The Left is making you feed millions who can't or won't feed themselves. They are making you work overtime by funding failed programs like Medicare and and Social Security and even come up with new programs like Obamacare. The Left needs to back off and let you recover.

The Left: Shut up! Obamacare protects those who can't get healthcare!

The Right: whatever dude... even illegals can get freaking healthcare! You guys are bankrupting our country with your ludicrous spending!

The Dollar: Umm hey guys? ...

The Left: No your warmongering is bankrupting our country with your insane HAWKISHNESS!

The Right: Obama sucks!

The Left: GW sucks! No oil for blood!!!

The Dollar: ...guysss ...

The Right: George W Bush was a great president!! Hope for change, my ass!

The Left: @%^&^@$ $^(*@ (*@ $^&^&^#!)&#$~!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Right: You kiss your mother with that mouth??? Hey what do... wait... ummm Dollar?

The Left: ...Dollar?

The Dollar: .... X-(

The Left: ...

The Right: ... Oh F&%@ !

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