Monday, August 30, 2010

The bigger they are...

Well I had my first experience falling over because my feet were attached to my pedals... Actually just one foot was clipped in but it was the important foot. The new bike has pedals with clips and the guy I bought the bike from had a used pair of bike shoes that fit me so I have been using them and I really like using clips as opposed to not. For you non-bikers, The clips help with efficiency when riding as your feet stay in place plus you can actually use the upward motion as well as the downward motion of your feet to increase your speed, HOWEVER when you come to a stop you have to think ahead and remember to swivel your heel to unclip the shoe from the pedal. If you don't, then when your forward motions stops, the sideways motion starts pretty much immediately.

In my own defense I had gotten into the habit of unclipping only my right foot and leaning right when I stop and it has been working just fine until this morning when I lost my balance and leaned left instead. It probably looked rather like this:

...Well with the exception that I fell the other way and there was no smoke. I am only glad that it was 5:30 AM and nobody was around to see me (that I know of). So a skinned knee and slightly damaged pride aside it was a good ride.


The Unabashed Blogger said...

LOL!!!! That is funny! YOu riding your new mt bike to work?

Percussivity said...

Nope... trying (per Coder's recommendation) to train with a max heart rate of 137 (aerobic vs anaerobic) with the idea that my speed will continually increase at the lower heart rate. So far so good. The route to work has too many hills for me to hope to keep the rate down. Anyway I am just trying to get ready for the Katy trail. Next year I might start riding to work again on the road bike.