Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quick garden post

I wanted to show you the 'first fruits' or fruit... err vegetable as it were. This is about as large as I've been told to let the cucumbers grow. If they get any bigger than about 6-7" they start getting bitter. There are at least 100 flowers in the cucumber 'bush' so at some point I imagine we will be harvesting several at a time, at which point I might try my hand at making dill pickles since I'm not much of a cucumber fan myself. DeAnna and René by the way devoured this one and said it was absolutely delicious!

The melons vines are all making good progress up the trellis and soon I am thinking they will be in competition with the ridiculous cucumber colony.

Here is a view from deep inside the cucumber complex.

This thing was staring at me so I took its picture... I think I can see my reflection.


Gina said...

If you get more fruit- or vegetable- than you can handle, your friends would be willing to help you enjoy the fruit of your labor. :)

Percussivity said...

You just made 'the list'.