Friday, November 13, 2009

The proper way to watch a movie...

We went out and saw 2012 tonight at the Cinema Suites (in the AMC 30 in Olathe) and it was very cool. The movie itself was sort of a 'Day After Tomorrow' on performance enhancing drugs. As with virtually all global disaster flicks it was full of unlikely coincidences and close calls but it was a great movie to set your brain aside and enjoy the thrill. It was really quite an intense movie and felt like one big long chase scene (where John Cusack is being chased by various chunks of earth or a sudden lack of earth or a wall of salt water or goodness gracious great balls of fire... it goes on and on like that for most of it.) That is my quick and to the point movie review. The theater is what I really want to talk about.

DeAnna and I were sitting in the third row from the front in the two center seats which I believe to be the best seats in the house. The seats themselves were extremely comfortable unless you wanted to sit perfectly upright which wasn't possible but once you accepted that you had to lay back a little it was quite nice. Oh and the seats were FULLY reclineable... in fact I thought I was fully reclined the entire movie until after the film ended and I hit the button to sit up I found myself almost completely recumbent as I reclined to the chair's full lazyboy potential and had to figure out which button would get me back on my feet.

It is to be noted that every time you push the recline button, the leather rubbed LOUDLY against the leather of the center partition and the effect was rather like a large mammal with gastroenterological issues. Throughout the movie you would hear the occasional hippo fart and had to (I had to I should say) stifle a chuckle.

The tickets cost $25 but technically that is a $10 movie ticket + $15 food voucher so we thought it was pretty reasonable. The food is about on par with Applebees and actually priced I thought a bit less with most entres costing around $10-11. Of course probably the best part was being able to watch a movie in such comfort with a pint of Blvd wheat in a cold glass. That was a real treat.

All in all not something we will do very often but when the right movie comes along and we get a night out without the kiddos we'll likely find our way back to Cinema Suites. I give it 2 thumbs up!

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That sounds like a lot of fun!!