Thursday, August 27, 2009

This stuff could one day save your bacon!

Well it is bacon... canned bacon with a 10 year shelf life for all your post apocolyptic, zombie pandemic or merely preemptive 'take-back-your-government' civil war planning needs.

This stuff probably comes out of the can as limp as wet spaghetti and as tasty as... well, 10 year old canned bacon. Honestly, at $16 for 9 oz of meat only very wealthy paranoids will be able to stockpile enough for long term survival.

I'm glad I missed most of the cold war. My grandparents' basement looked like a 1950's grocery store, mainly because the canned foods on the multiple rows of shelves were from the 1950's. Is it even worth surviving whatever disaster if I have to eat canned bacon all the time? I think not.


The Angry Coder said...

Since it's "tactical bacon", maybe it isn't intended to be used as food, but rather as a weapon? Is the can the right size to be fired from a cannister-gun? Or perhaps dropped in clusters from A-10's or F-17's. The can itself could do quit a bit of damage, but imagine the unholy mess it would make after spewing it contents all over! The stench of spoiling meat and all the juices, things all covered with some greasy liquid. It is said that the city of Naissus was rendered uninhabitable for years due to the stench of the dead left by Attila the Hun- maybe this can represents a modern equivalent to that.

Percussivity said...

A fragmentbacon grenade?

The Irascible Neufonzola said...


You mean F-117 I assume!

What is so comically silly is that many of the same people who will hoard away canned bacon will also not practice and learn productive survival techniques. I mean, is it better to spend 30 bucks a lb on canned crap bacon, or learn to hunt wild pigs/boars and get good at basic salt curing and smoking for preservation?