Monday, May 11, 2009

A religious post.

After this I will be sure to post something trivial.

Over the weekend two people I know accepted Christ as their Savior. The first and nearest my heart was my 8 year old Son!!! He has been asking the right questions for about a year now but neither my wife nor I had peace that he really understood the implications or why he needed to be saved. Recently though he began showing real conviction about his need for Christ and Saturday morning I led him in praying for Salvation and his little face was glowing. That really made quite an excellent early Mother's Day present for my wife and it is a huge weight off of my shoulders to know that both of my kids have their eternal destinies worked out.

The second person is my step-grandmother. My wife had several opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with her a couple years ago after my grandfather passed away but she just wasn't ready. She recently suffered a heart attack which naturally opened her eyes to her own mortality and my little brother's wife was able to share the Gospel with her and this time she did give her life to the Lord. So I am very happy about both occassions and thought I should put it up on the blog.


Gina said...

Praise the Lord!!

A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

That is so exciting to hear. It is awesome when God lifts those burdens from off our hearts.

I just had a discussion about salvation and belief last night with Chris M. & Dan. We were discussing the importance of others praying for the salvation of our family members. I find this important because our church family has not preconceptions and can pray with boldness and belief. At times I find my faith waver when I pray for those friends and family that I know so well (well enough to doubt).

Please, pray for my father-in-law Jim.