Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From the horse's mouth...

Gee this sounded good 6 years ago... woops.

(Video is from October 2002)


The Angry Coder said...

Since anyone that knows me knows that I'm a judgmental, uncaring jerk, allow me to take the fall on this one. The elephant in the room is that we would not have this current financial mess if it were not for Bush and the Congress pandering to minorities for votes by instructing Fannie and Freddie to max out sub-prime loans to people who largely are not responsible enough to manage their finances at a level they should be trusted with credit. Virtually every article I have read thus far explains that these two collectivist institutions are at the epicenter of the quake. Were it not for their fiscal irresponsibility, there would be no crisis to avert; were they not instructed to act irresponsibly they likely would have not. This video actually fills me with disgust for Bush and his pandering to minorities. But that is only in having 20/20 hindsight.

Most of 'the world' acknowledges that there is a connection between perennial poverty and immorality. However like most things in the world, they have the cause-effect backwards. The world sees the crime and blight associated with poverty and declares that those are the causes. The world ramps up services and entitlements to 'the afflicted' to lift them from their financial mire, and yet one social experiment after another comes to failure. Welfare, projects and now this all are busts. Those afflicted with poverty in the US are largely still afflicted. The root cause is immorality, which of course is sin and due to people lacking the Savior in their lives. The sad irony is, the group most afflicted by poverty and crime is also the one with the highest weekly church attendance. Maybe if their pastors weren't "idol shepherds" (Zec 11:17) and were true shepherds, a lot of these messes would just disappear.

Percussivity said...

Looks like the senate is actually going to try to pass another version today. I am going to be calling Senator Bond and Senator McCaskill's offices today to voice my opinion.