Monday, December 10, 2007

very bored at work today...

Drat! I bumped the camera at the end with my mouse.


The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Now THAT is boredom!

What software did you use to do that, I'm curious?

Ben said...

I was waiting for a big finish at the end...only to find "the end". Looked tasty. Is this my old friend Mike K?

See you,

Percussivity said...

Ben?? Ben Kenobi??? Boy am I glad to see you!!

Seriously... Ben! Wow man, long time no see! I see from your blog you've been doing so for quite some time. Being an old schooler I resisted the temptations of Net 2.0 (blogs, social engineering, etc) for as long as I could, but alas. Now I have to try to be clever at least once a day.

So you guys like my choco-mation eh? That was just a first attempt. No special software... just the app that shipped with my old logitech webcam. It lets you take snapshots then it compiles them into an AVI. (Nic: I think I still have the install somewhere and it will probably work with other models of logitech webcams... maybe even other brands).

Ben: Sounds like God is really using you there in the ministry of worship... AWESOME!! I am still drumming away (actually along side of the irascible neufonzola) for the glory of God.

Take care!

Ben said...

I don't seem to remember ever owning any droids. :)

Man I'm thrilled I ran across your site. I hit it thru Joel's and actually got a little giddy that I could get in touch with my old Star Wars/Musical buddy from ye old College & Career class.

I couldn't help thinking about those days 10 years ago...awesome times. I'll be watching.

Isn't it amazing how blogging and net 2.0 can suddenly get you in touch with people you haven't seen or talked to in 10 years?!? Wow.